Jennifer C


San Tan Valley, Arizona

See a need, fill a need
Shout out to all you Super Hero Foster Parents!! 
But today we are sending a HUGE shout-out to this incredible Foster Mom and our newest Viva Babe Jennifer! 
Over the years, Jennifer and her husband have been amazing foster parents to 13 kids!  They have fallen in love with each of them and have decided to adopt them all! Now, they are the proud parents to these 13 kids, as well as their 2 biological children!  It really takes huge-hearted incredible people to welcome all these children into their homes and love them unconditionally, FOREVER, as their own.  Wait, did I mention there are 3 sets of twins?!  They were able to keep these twin siblings together.  A-MA-ZING! 
Jenn’s nominator, who is the children's tutor, shared that Jenn absolutely deserves recognition for all the hard work and selfless 24-hour effort she provides to her family, day after day, with so much love, comfort, and joy. Jenn homeschools them and spends countless hours taking them to appointments and extracurricular activities.  Her calendar is filled from top to bottom and she is so grateful and happy doing all she can for each of them to always feel loved.
When we asked Jenn how she does it?  She said: “I am blessed with a team of great kids. They all have been taught to take their part in everything we do. Always helping each other and others.  From splitting up chores to helping our neighbors by cutting their grass to offering a hand to anyone who needs it. So although it can be super busy around here, it sure is wonderful to see them all work together, as a Family.” 
Jennifer is a SuperMOM and we are honored to celebrate her amazing motherly love that has provided 13 children plus 2 of her own a loving happy home but most importantly a Family.  
Jennifer and her family live by this mantra, “See a need, fill a need.”