Jennifer A

Jennifer is a dedicated Mom of three and a small business owner of 20 years!  She runs her local dry cleaning shop in a town where everyone knows and loves her. 
She is an amazing mother of two daughters and a son.  Her mission in life and through her business has been to work hard to support her family and, most recently, go the extra mile to get her youngest son through college!
One of her lovely daughters nominated her and shared: "Each day, her work day starts before the sun rises and ends when the sun goes down.  Her shop is a daily 40-minute drive each way.  But if her customers need her after shop hours, she never hesitates to drive on over to assist them.  She has even spent the night at the shop when customers need something for an event the next day!  Mom is always there for everyone in the community and does the same for us, her three kids.  We don't know how she does it, but we are so grateful for her and all she does."
Because of college expenses, she needs to keep costs down, so she has only one dry cleaning assistant to help her.  She makes the best of being at her shop all day every day.  Jennifer expressed how much she loves her customers, loves to see them, help them, and be part of the community as a friend they can trust.  Jennifer also shared how important it has been for her to do all she can to help her children succeed. 
The latest and greatest news is that as of May 2023, her son successfully graduated college!! Whoop Whoop!!!  Congratulations!! We are so happy for you, for your son, and for your sweet family, who loves and appreciates you so much!!  You are definitely a Ridiculously Awesome Viva Babe, and we are so honored to Celebrate you today!