Jayne lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and was nominated by her friend, Jaime. Jaime says, “In 2016, my 10 yr. old son Sawyer died. It was and is awful. We moved to a new place to try and start a new chapter, and Jayne was there for me from the beginning. At first, a stranger to me, she befriended me. She sat quietly and helped me live with my sorrow. She would do kind things like drop flowers at my door or order me a rainbow and unicorn pen when I said nothing in the world would ever be rainbows and unicorns again.”

Jayne is a selfless, uplifting soul and a true gift to her friends. Her priceless, thoughtful gestures express her incredible devotion and love. Jaime says, “Sawyer was an organ donor, so we paid to have a billboard put up in his honor and to encourage others to sign up to be organ donors. When it was about to come down, I told her I was really sad because I would miss honking at it as I drove by. Jayne drove 45 minutes out of her way to videotape driving by the billboard and honking and sent that clip to me. Not only did she sacrifice two hours of her time, but she took her daughter along so that her daughter could film it.”

Jaime says, “She lightens the room when she walks in. She has a silent strength. I’ll be forever grateful for her love and for making my sorrow a little lighter and my world a lot brighter. She’s my heroine and deserves some goodness in her life.”

Thank you, Jayne, for your love and treasured gifts that make the world a happier and brighter place.

Jayne shares her message of positivity, “I try to be a little better today than I was yesterday.”