These high school gal pals span 30 years of friendship with their nominator, Kristi. The trio gathered for a reunion-style girl’s trip and a surprise Consuelabration, where emotions and joy ran free!

Viva Babe Kim has successfully moved on from a difficult divorce and co-parenting experience and has now started a new chapter. Kristi says, “Kim has shown us the way to hold our heads high during difficult times. She has taught us to be positive and keep a smile when life keeps throwing curveballs. Kim has taught us to love unconditionally.” She’s just celebrated 15 years of marriage to the man of her dreams and recently started a new job as the Director of Mathematics at a multi-campus international school. Plus, she’s a doting and devoted Lollie to her grandbabies and a dedicated volunteer in her church. 

Viva Babe Janette “embodies Consuela’s five tenants of an amazing life: service, strength, kindness, tenacity, and love,” Kristi says. “Janette’s son, Justin, was born with severe disabilities. Janette and her husband Mike loved Justin with their whole hearts and raised him to over 25 years of life.” Tragically, Justin passed away three years ago. “Justin outlived every life expectancy chart, flourishing under his mother’s abundant love and dedication. To bring more love and laughter into their home while balancing care and medical needs of Justin seemed insurmountable to some, but to Janette, it was her life and her strength,” Kristi says.Daughters Amanda and Kristin have grown into beautiful, caring, and smart young ladies, another testament to Janette. Plus, her positivity is unrivaled, and she shares her servant's heart wherever she is needed.

Thank you both for leading the way and lighting the path with tenacity and love!