Viva Babe Holly is a fierce advocate and has made it her mission to ignite positive change for all people with special abilities.

Holly lives in Chicago and works as a hairdresser, Executive Director of a non-profit, and a momager. Her daughter Lindsey nominated her, “Not only is she a mom to five amazing kids, but my youngest brother Nate also has down syndrome and he is 19. She began the ‘I Am Who I Am’ foundation decades ago to celebrate all kids born differently. She tirelessly advocates for kids with different abilities. She donates her free time to a school for teens that are disabled.”

“A few months ago she decided it was time to start a business for my youngest brother,” Lindsey says. She began a clothing company called 21 Pineapples (https://21pineapples.com/), so one day she could leave it to Nate. 21 Pineapples' mission is to change the way others perceive people with Down Syndrome and other special abilities, one Hawaiian Shirt at a time.

Holly is also a breast cancer survivor. Lindsey says, “My mom is a true warrior - fierce on the outside, caring, genuine, and loving to all. She never lets anything get her down. She has had 8 surgeries in 6 years.” While fighting cancer, she also wrote a book entitled, ‘I Am Who I Am.”

Holly says she loves so many quotes, but one that resonates with her is “Even broken crayons color beautifully.”