Heather works full-time, lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is the President of the non-profit Comeback Coolers, and was nominated by Nancy, a fellow volunteer. Comeback Coolers is a volunteer organization that aims to deliver a much-needed break to those who have been in the path of a natural disaster, delivering ice-packed coolers with drinks, beer, oranges, and wet wipes to storm-ridden areas. Heather said when Hurricane Katrina hit their community, and they were without power for days, the one thing she longed for was ice-cold beer. Thus, Comeback Coolers was born!

Nancy says, “The coolers are all decorated with inspirational messages from members of the community. In the last month (Sept.), this group has delivered over 100 coolers to flood victims in Iowa; 480 coolers were delivered to Louisiana after Hurricane Laura, and then last weekend 370 coolers were delivered to Alabama and Florida after Hurricane Sally. In addition to coolers, we also deliver buckets of goodies to linemen working in the area and small coolers designed especially for kids.”

What’s even more ridiculously awesome is the ripple effect taking place, where one recipient of the Comeback Cooler then donates the cooler back, with added inspirational messages. In fact, one cooler has been to five different disasters, each of the owners donating it back, filled with goodies and inspiration!⁠

Heather, you are one incredible Viva Babe! Thank you!