We’re totally in awe over Viva Babe, Haley!

Haley has a job that most of us can only dream about: She’s the globe-trotting photographer and blogger behind the notable travel guide, @readysetjetset.

Haley got her start in 2013 by using Instagram as a way to share her travels with the world. A few years later, she started her blog, fully devoting herself to her craft. Today, she inspires thousands of people who flock to her site and Instagram profile every day, sharing her swoon-inducing photos and unique insight into the places she visits.

According to her mom and nominator, what makes Haley Viva Babe-worthy is her ability to step out of her comfort zone, as well as her sheer determination to: “make it happen”, no matter what.

Haley grew up in Austin, Texas, and is a graduate of American University in Washington D.C. She’s a self-taught photographer who once took cues from her father, a videographer. Keep inspiring us, Haley!