Excellence in Education… Every One. Every Day
We are celebrating the entire GP Alamo STEAM Academy—Our Newest Viva Babes! Congratulations to all GP Alamo STEAM Academy teachers and staff in Odessa, Texas, for being honored as our newest Viva Babes! Principal Elisha Sessions nominated the entire school, recognizing each member's outstanding dedication and hard work. In an era where educators and school staff are often under-appreciated, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on these incredible individuals who tirelessly strive for the betterment of their students.
From custodial workers to teachers, the 34 hardworking women and men at GP Alamo exemplify selflessness and dedication in enhancing the lives of their elementary students. They are the backbone of their community, and we are privileged to partner with them in celebrating their achievements!
The surprise unfolded during a special assembly, where the Consuela team joined the festivities via Zoom. Cheers and jubilations filled the virtual space as each GP Alamo STEAM Academy staff member received their pink Consuela gift bag, symbolizing their well-deserved recognition as Viva Babes, accompanied by a certificate of awesomeness.
"Once I realized what was happening, I felt ecstatic and very much appreciated for the work we do each day. It was an amazing thing to experience with all of the great people who give so much of themselves serving our little people." shared Jennifer N., a kindergarten teacher.
The campus slogan, "Excellence in Education… Every One. Every Day", perfectly encapsulates the spirit of GP Alamo STEAM Academy. We commend each staff member for their unwavering commitment to excellence in education, which positively impacts students' lives every day.
Thank you for allowing us to be part of this surprise celebration and for your ridiculously awesome dedication to serving your community with passion and heart. Let's continue to celebrate and champion excellence in education!