Esther R

Our Viva Babe Esther loves bones! As a surgical nurse at the Texas Orthopedic Hospital, Esther cares for the health and well-being of bones for many.
In her thirties, and after several years in the workforce, she was called to a career in nursing. She listened to her heart, enrolled in a nursing program, gave it her all, and she did it! Twenty-two amazing years later, she tells us it has been the most rewarding job she’s ever had, and she wouldn’t change it for the world. Getting to make a difference and improve the lives of so many fills her heart with absolute joy and gratitude. 
In addition to being an exceptional nurse, she is an incredible mother to her 15-year-old son, who, at the tender age of five, was diagnosed with Leukemia. At that point, Esther had been a nurse for seven years. She grabbed a hold of all her nursing experience and motherly love to do all she could to help her son heal and overcome. With her faith and compassionate care, her son received a bone marrow transplant after months of chemotherapy and radiation and has been in remission for ten years! 
Esther, you are making a wonderful difference every day for your patients, especially for your son. We are honored to recognize you for all you do selflessly for others. Thank you so much for caring for the elderly and anyone who needs healing. You are awe-inspiring and Ridiculously Awesome!
Esther lives by this quote:  
“When life gets too hard to stand, kneel!”