Whoop! Join us in celebrating Viva Babe, Erica! Erica (@hoodfit_) spends her days as a kick-ass fitness instructor, inspiring her clients in LA to reach greatness! She makes everyone in her classes feel beautiful, strong, and ready to rock the world.

By challenging her students to let go of self-doubt, and silencing that little negative voice that says 'you can't', Erica instills confidence and self-assurance and motivates her students to achieve their best results. She pushes her clients to persevere when they feel like giving up and tells them how amazing they are once they've triumphed!

Erica is a true encourager, giving her students all the tools to succeed, both in fitness and life. She is the epitome of a Viva Babe, lifting others and empowering babes to reach their full potential, and revealing the true badass chicks we all are!