Elena S.

Treat everybody as you want to be treated
A huge round of applause and congratulations to Elena, our newest Viva Babe! Over her remarkable 34-year teaching career, Elena has been a beacon of inspiration and kindness, positively impacting the lives of countless high school students. From Texas to Maine, she's left a ridiculously awesome mark as an English and Reading teacher and is currently an ELL teacher at Cony High School.
Elena also has a huge passion for music. As a teenager, she dreamt of being a radio DJ, spending countless hours listening to Casey Kasem and amassing a collection of 45s. This fueled her inspiration, and at 17 years old, she had her first opportunity at a radio station in Laredo, Texas. Fast-forward to the last 16 years, and she's been with 100.3 WKIT in Bangor, Maine, sharing her passion on the weekends!
Last Friday, on her birthday, Elena received the surprise of a lifetime when her son Richard and granddaughter Illa presented her with the Viva Babe Award and Consuela bags at her school. Her reaction was pure joy and shock, a testament to her humble nature. It was lovely to remind her how much she is loved and appreciated.
Elena's resilience and strength shine brightly through every challenge she faces. Despite battling and defeating cancer in 2023, she continued to teach, inspire, and uplift her students with unwavering dedication and passion.
Her life mantra, "Treat everybody as you want to be treated," echoes throughout her life. From her enduring friendships to her unwavering commitment to her students, Elena embodies the essence of kindness and love.
We are beyond thrilled to celebrate Elena as our newest Viva Babe! Elena, you are a true rockstar, and we are incredibly grateful for the light you bring into the lives of everyone you know. Keep shining bright, and rock on, Elena!