Dr. Alisa is shaping a ridiculously awesome school culture filled with positivity and encouragement!

Alisa is the principal of an elementary school in Belton, Missouri, and she was nominated by Mary, a former team member. Mary says, "When dealing with students and staff, Alisa always seeks to find the positive in all situations. She encourages students to learn from mistakes and gives them opportunities to learn every chance she can. She works with parents to offer opportunities for those who are feeling frustrated or seeking assistance."

"Alisa also encourages ALL staff members, regardless if they are teachers, paraprofessionals, janitors, cooks, or subs., to seek to continually better themselves and to see themselves in a positive manner", Mary says. Her particular school was recognized as the state school of Character. In this process, people from the state-level visit the schools and learn how everything is handled from daily activities to discipline policies."

Alisa manages all her staff with the utmost respect. Mary says, "As a 65 yr old, I have worked in many schools over the years, most of which treated non-certified staff as though they were lesser and had no voice. This woman, Dr. Alisa, gives others (children and adults) strength, treats them with worth, raises them up, and gives them a voice. I could tell you so much more about this woman, her strengths, her passion for children, her hope for the future, and her belief in God, but you have only to meet her to understand."

We hope to!

Dr. Alisa relays a phrase she often tells her staff, "Don't borrow trouble from the future."