Donna is a Nurse Educator in Alpharetta, Georgia, and was nominated by one of her nursing students, Linda. Donna was the Clinical Instructor of Linda’s nursing class, and Linda says, she “shared her expertise, her nursing intuition, and her deep love of helping people. Donna nurtured us as we started, all the way telling us she was cultivating future colleagues and that she looked forward to working with us.”⁠

Donna is truly one-of-a-kind in her dedication to her students. This group of students, nicknamed the Gems, bonded like family under the leadership and guidance of their mentor. Linda continues, “Donna has suited us well for a profession that is all about responsibility and giving 100% every day so others may have a better quality of life. She put in tireless hours, not only supervising our actions but also being present right at the bedside, showing us what it means to see the little things and make a difference for patients.”

All the “Gems” in her class make up a mighty beautiful crown for Viva Babe Donna. And, she keeps earning her jewels as she continues to mentor future nursing students and develop empathetic, proficient, dedicated nurses. Donna is a shining example of devotion and lives by her words, “Kindness always wins.”