Darla H

Always look for the goodness in others
Everyone has heard a "rags to riches" story, but have you heard one where the heroine then helps other main character ladies reach and achieve their goals? That is Darla's story, and she continues to write pages every day.
Darla has always put her family first. After raising three beautiful children and helping her husband build a successful business, all while attending every school event she could for her children, she was thrown through one of life's loops. Darla was diagnosed with an illness that, with her courage and love of life, she was able to fight and conquer. As scary and lost as she sometimes felt, she always knew she was meant to help others and never give up. She has raised over $5000 for her local cancer society, Hometown Walk of Hope, and continues to inspire others daily.

Darla's wonderful friends describe her as a giver, motivator, amazing business coach, and inspiration. With Darla's motivation and guidance, she has encouraged and helped others achieve their dreams. 

Darla - We are so very excited to Celebrate you and thank you for all the Ridiculously Awesome things you do for your family, friends, and community!  We admire your strength and courage, you are such a wonderful inspiration. 

Darla's inspirational quote: "Always look for the goodness in others."