Courtney S

Viva Babe Courtney works to ensure women feel safe, independent, and secure. Celebrating her is easy - we are so thankful for the work she does to make our community better!

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Courtney has made it her mission to empower others who face the same. Many years ago, she began her foundation, Survive2Thrive, and her mission to help survivors of domestic violence--specifically those facing homelessness as they seek safety.

Her nominator Erika says "she spends all of her time, energy, passion (and very often personal funds) to help victims of domestic violence find shelter, escape a dangerous fate and begin their new and safe future. She creates opportunities and builds community partnerships. She empowers, motivates, supports, and inspires survivors of domestic violence to thrive."

WOW - Courtney, we are so grateful to know some of your story and see the light you are shining on others! Thank you for all you do!

Check out this Viva Babe's foundation at: