Connie O

We are not sure that there are enough adjectives and fun emoji's to express all of the great things about Connie, so let's just start with this..she's a ray of sunshine or 10!! Move over adversity, Connie is a force of nature, and she's coming through. She has many roles: mother, daughter, caretaker, provider, employee, and student and somehow manages to rock each of them. She is a nurse who has raised three kids, taken care of parents, and is now getting her masters while still managing everything else. Regardless of the many hardships that she has faced, she continually lives life to the fullest. It is so sweet to hear her kids talk about how proud of her and thankful they are for all that she is and all that she has accomplished. No is not an answer in her book! Getting down or feeling sorry for herself is not an answer in her book. Her faith in God is her driving force and she trusts she can "leave it in His hands" and everything will work out according to His plan.

We are inspired by you, Connie. It's so encouraging to learn about people who continually strive to make each day new, people who are courageous and go forward, not having the answers, but never quitting. This is why we started the It's Not About the Bag program, because people like you remind us to give thanks and stay faithful in our journey. Love and Hugs!