Chelsea is one of the founders of Rō Fitness in Austin. “If you’ve never been on an indoor rowing machine, it’s no matter to Chelsea. She’ll enthusiastically share her energy and expertise - making you feel like no matter your fitness level, you have the ability to complete a tough workout AND want to come back. In fact, no matter your gender, your weight, your age, or your physical capabilities, Chelsea will show you your power and potential”, her nominator Denise says.

She has overcome hurdles through this pandemic, making her clients' safety her priority, and working tirelessly to keep her doors open. Chelsea gives her all every day, motivating her clients to push their limits and achieve success, both mentally and physically. Denise says, “It’s so much more than just exercise to her. It’s about challenging yourself to be the best that you can and discovering/believing your own strength and power. Chelsea is a game-changer. She’s a young woman that has channeled her skills and passion into a true, meaningful community here in Austin.”

Chelsea says she lives by Ghandi’s famous quote, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ To Chelsea, “that means to hold yourself accountable for your own actions to support things you feel passionate about -- and hope that inspires others to do the same.”

It sure inspires us! Thank you for your radiating positivity and lifting your community. We're grateful for you, Chelsea!