Carolyn, do the right thing
In the name of honoring her son's legacy, Viva Babe Carolyn has gone above and beyond to save lives! We are in awe of the strength, creativity, and dedication that our newest Viva Babe has shown 

After losing her teenage son to a tragic drowning accident, her nominator Charlet says "Carolyn turned her pain into purpose. She is currently designing safety life vest swimwear so no parent will go through what she has gone through. If she is able to save a least one person her son's death won't be in vain."

Carolyn's company, G180, designs flotation devices that people can look forward to wearing - the goal is to provide comfort, ease, and safety while remaining low profile and fashionable. Her patent was recently approved 

Carolyn says "the quote I live by is 'Carolyn, do the right thing', Craig S Gardner - my dad. It took me a really long time to figure out what that actually meant but it's always been my North Star."