When something that should be accessible can feel like a luxury... Viva Babe Caitlin steps in to ensure people receive the care they need! We are shouting from the rooftops, our newest It's Not About the Bag honoree is INCREDIBLE!

Caitlin is an estate planning / probate attorney at her family business, the Haney Law Firm. Partnering with her nominator Celeste, Caitlin works tirelessly to make sure estate planning is accessible to those who need it most.

As co-founder of the Cancer Law Clinic and a member of the board of directors for the Central Texas Chapter of Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Caitlin provides pro-bono consultations and estate planning for hospice patients in the Austin area. She and her paralegals, Celeste and Amber, go to hospice patients’ homes to assist them with executing wills at their bedsides pro bono so that they and their families can concentrate on spending time together and relieve some of the stress of getting final affairs in order. 

What an incredible service and act of compassion to share with the world... Caitlin, thank you for taking your expertise and using it to provide peace, clarity, and stability for so many people!!!