Words fall short when it comes to all the good Betty is doing for her community. Let's give it up for our newest Viva Babe and celebrate her heart for people!

As the Executive Director of the Portland Open Bible Community Food Pantry, Betty has made it her mission to enrich the lives of people around her. Her nominator Donna says-

"Betty is one of the most inspiring and awesome women I have ever met in my whole life. She is always dedicating herself to service to enrich the lives of those around her, especially women. She truly loves and cares for others and is a strong role model for her children and all those around her. To know Betty, is to truly love her." ⁠

At this time, Betty and her team are serving food to 55,000 people monthly. Words that inspire her to keep going are “NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO HUNGRY, THERE IS ENOUGH HEALTHY FOOD FOR ALL OF US”.

Betty, we are inspired by all that you do and how you help those around you. See more of the amazing work Betty is doing at-