Benita D

It’s just not enough for me to have mine… I don’t stop there!
Benita has a heart of gold. She is an incredibly active community-centered leader and a faithful, compassionate caregiver to a loved one. She has sat on multiple boards that include Feet Forward (current), Boulder Shelter For The Homeless, and Boulder Bridge House. As a volunteer, she wholeheartedly commits to helping those experiencing homelessness and finding effective solutions. A total Viva Babe!
There is more! During her ten-year tenure as Assistant City Manager, her love of culture and diversity drove her commitment to helping bring the now landmarked Dushanbe Teahouse to Boulder CO! 
Her genuine loyalty and compassion also include caring for a loved one who recently experienced a house fire, a total loss. Benita, without question, lovingly took on the role of coordinator of all disasters! Bringing hope and joy back to her family member and so many others one day at a time. 
She's a woman who does so much for others without asking for much in return. She truly helps make so many people's lives Ridiculously Awesome. We are so proud and honored to celebrate her!  
Thank YOU, Viva Babe Benita!!  
One of her favorite go-to quotes: 
"It's just not enough for me to have mine… I don't stop there!"