April M.

We are all related
Let's celebrate our newest Viva Babe, April! April's journey is a testament to her deep connection with her traditional homelands and her unwavering dedication to being a good relative to the land, animals, and her community members as an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe in southeastern Montana. As a rancher, April's love for the land shines through, believing in its healing power and channeling that belief into establishing her own nonprofit, Wild Rose Center.
For the past 20 years, April has been a beacon of hope for economically disadvantaged individuals living in rural and tribal communities, offering free services at the Wild Rose Center addressing mental health, food sustainability, and healing through the land. Her commitment to serving others knows no bounds, and she wears many hats effortlessly while always lending a supportive hand to others.
April's impact goes beyond her community, touching women's lives across 300 miles through programs and events hosted at the Wild Rose Center. April's dedication to holistic healing is truly inspiring, from hosting Healing Week, where she brought in healers from various areas to serve over 200 women, to providing art therapy sessions.
April's strength and resilience stem from her strong family background, where support and encouragement have always been abundant. With her family by her side, including her 87-year-old mom, who still rides horses, April continues to make a difference in the lives of others.
Her life mantra, "We are all related," reflects April's deep-rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all beings and her commitment to serving as a good relative to the world around her.
April was nominated for the Viva Babe Award by her friend Bailey, who recently surprised her one afternoon with the honor and Consuela bags. It was a heartwarming and well-deserved recognition of April's ridiculously awesome contributions to her community.
Congratulations, April, on being recognized as our newest Viva Babe! Your dedication to your community and your unwavering commitment to making a positive impact are truly admirable. Here's to many more years of spreading love, healing, and compassion.