Ann is a small business owner in St. Louis, Missouri, and mom to SIX children. She was nominated by her friend, Maureen, who says, “Have you ever met someone that accomplishes more in one single morning than you do in an entire day, or week?? That is my friend, Ann! Being a small business owner is tough, even in the best of times, but especially during Covid times. As I drive around my city, I have witnessed firsthand what an impact this pandemic has had on businesses. So many small businesses, and larger businesses, have been unable to survive the storm, and have had to close their doors due to no fault of their own. Ann, and her family, are small business owners, including several sandwich shops and a donut shop. I have heard the difficulty she has faced, the challenges to keep doors open, and jobs for her staff. She worked tirelessly for months (and still to this day) often going in at 3:00 am to prepare for the day, all in addition to raising SIX children.”

“If her work ethic was not inspiring enough, add the fact that she has DONATED over 8000 donuts to local hospitals and first responders since the beginning of this pandemic”, Maureen says. “She continues to amaze me every day with her selfless attitude and gracious heart. She is an inspiration and single-handedly brings smiles to hundreds of people, one fried, sweet, yummy treat at a time. She sacrifices so much and deserves to smile; she definitely makes this world ridiculously awesome, one donut at a time!”

\As far as an inspirational quote, Ann says, “The founder of the order of nuns who ran my high school, St. Frances de. Sales, put it perfectly and succinctly when he said, ‘be who you are and be that well.’