Ann F

Meet Viva Babe Ann! As a young adult, Ann moved to Canada to be more fully immersed in French, studying it as a graduate student. She currently lives in Quebec, Canada, and has dedicated her life to helping others.

Her first job was teaching life skills to learning disabled adults. Following that, she developed a highly successful program to teach English to French-speaking students in Quebec with a new, theatrical methodology, based on hand gestures. She trained other teachers how to use this very effective and unique style to teach English as a second language.

While life was happening to Ann, raising her family and working, she often longed to pursue her passion as an artist. Voilà! Now retired, Ann’s artistic light can shine as she paints in both watercolor and oils, is an accomplished bead artist, and enjoys other art forms. When she's not creating and sharing her art, she continues to reach out to others as a volunteer for the learning disabled. Ann’s encouraging heart and giving spirit creates a special magnetism to those around her. Thank you for being a champion for others and lifting the world, Ann!