Angela is a communications supervisor for a local municipality just outside of San Antonio, Texas. During her time as first responder and now supervisor, she has transformed her center from a place where several dreaded working, to one of the premier emergency dispatching centers in the Bexar County area. Her husband and nominator Paul shares, “In addition to increasing workplace performance, training, and transparency, Angela is also a licensed instructor who takes pride in teaching future emergency dispatchers job skills necessary to perform this underappreciated job.”⁣

Not only has she positively impacted her work environment, but Angela also gives back to several local causes. She has been instrumental in establishing numerous community outreach programs in the city to include coordinating the city's first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), made up of volunteers from the community who receive specialized training in responding to local emergencies, search and rescue, and emergency medical treatments. Additionally, she has hosted the Stop the Bleed class for citizens where they are taught life-saving techniques to stop uncontrolled blood loss from injuries. Plus, Angela is currently working with a student from a nearby high school to develop a program to respond to active shooters.⁣

While many of us dream about making a difference, Angela owns it, sparks change, and positively charges those around her!