Alicia C

Loving God. Loving my neighbor. Serving both.

In every area, Viva Babe Alicia steps up to serve others and set an example as a ridiculously awesome member of the community! Let's hear it for our newest 'It's Not About the Bag' Honoree!⁠

Alicia was nominated by her sister, Lydia, who says, "Alicia is passionate about people and actively involved in making a positive impact in their lives in any way she can. She has worked as a Paralegal for a private immigration law firm since her early twenties. She serves as a Music Minister, leading music and working with children along with her husband, a Pastor at a small church. Alicia has lived and served in a small, impoverished village in Jalisco, Mexico, as a missionary for years at a time off and on for the last ten years. Growing up, Alicia wanted to be a mother more than anything else, but she was unable. After many years, procedures, and financial struggles, she and her husband finally had the opportunity to adopt a little girl; that little girl graduated from high school this past spring. "⁠

Lydia and the rest of Alicia's family organized a surprise brunch to gift her new Consuela goodies and remind her of how AWESOME she is! 

Alicia says her mantra is "Loving God. Loving my neighbor. Serving both."⁠

Wow, Alicia, you are someone who continuously pours out love to others. We hope you feel all the recognition and love you deserve today!! ⁠