Adrian G


Salisbury, North Carolina

Imagine + Passion + Action = IMPACT
Adrian Gantt, of Salisbury, NC, has dedicated her life to the service of others.  Initially, as a college field hockey and softball coach at Catawba College. She empowered many young women through the life lessons gained via team sports. In addition to teaching them how to win with grace and lose with integrity. She taught them how to put others before themselves, how to time manage the challenges of being a collegiate athlete (which she was herself), and how to walk with honor.  
After completing her collegiate coaching career, Adrian opened her own business, Extreme Performance! There she and her staff provide private lessons and coach girls’ softball and boys’ baseball teams. All athletes are welcome to train at the facility anytime. 
Adrian’s nominator and sister-in-law shares: “I have watched Adrian shift from one lesson back-to-back to another for hours providing the technical guidance needed for each child. But, more importantly, I have witnessed her empower an athlete with a hug and encouraging words when needed. She’ll correct a young girl’s inappropriate attitude towards her parents and even sternly ask a parent to leave the training facility due to their overreaching involvement. Often, that same child or adult later thanks Adrian for her direct and prompt correction.”  
In the last five years, she joined the Salisbury Fire Department and was recently promoted to Assistant Chief of the department! The first woman to hold the position!!  As an active-duty firewoman, she has worked twenty-four-hour days, resuscitated overdosed adults, mitigated active disputes, and of course, entered buildings engulfed with fire and smoke to save others. Regardless of if she is coaching on the field, training athletes at Extreme Performance, or managing a fire truck, fire station, or fire crew, she is greatly appreciated for her grit, dedication, and integrity. 
But wait, we have not mentioned the most important people in her life! Her husband and lovely 11-year-old daughter! She makes great sacrifices daily, juggling her passion and commitment to serving her community, but she is always there to support, love, and care for her family first.  
Shout out to Adrian Gantt for taking Ridiculously Awesome care of her community! Whoop - Whoop! What an incredibly inspiring Coach, Fire Woman, Mother, Wife, Mentor, Entrepreneur, AND Viva Babe!! 
Adrian’s quote of inspiration:  “Imagine + passion + action = IMPACT”