She’s a competitor who does not quit! At an early age, Madeleine wanted to act and model, so she followed that path until age 11. Then, she was on the road to becoming an Olympic athlete as a competitive cyclist but was sidelined by a serious accident, forcing her to find another sport. After some soul-searching and missing her passion for competition, she decided to join her high school bowling club.⁣ ⁣

Her mom and nominator shared, “being the competitor that she is, she went straight to the top, winning her high school bowling district and region 3 years in a row. Her senior year, she was recruited by Sam Houston State, bowling in their NCAA program, finishing her 1st year of college as a national winner. From there, for her remaining college experience, she transferred and bowled for the University of Alabama at Birmingham.” Now, at the age of 23, she is a professional bowler, bowling in the PBA and PWBA tournaments while also working full-time.⁣

⁣Madeleine is a fierce competitor, but she’s also a compassionate soul. After her grandmother suffered from a stroke, she put everything on hold to care for her and helped her back to a full recovery! Madeleine also finds time to volunteer with Xing Out Breast Cancer Foundation, and The Smilin’ Rylen Foundation.⁣ ⁣

Madeleine, we salute you for bowling strikes in life, following your passion to compete, and lifting those around you when the pins don’t fall as expected.⁣