Fall 2018:
Celebrating the Art of the Unmatched

I’ve always approached creativity without boundaries. When I began Consuela nearly 13 years ago, I designed every print to reflect (as much as space would allow) the many senses, landscapes, people and cultural beauties I’ve gratefully experienced in my sojourns throughout Mexico and Latin America—I never wanted to waste a single tid-bit of wonder that filled my creative consciousness. This unabashed approach to my design process is something that continues today, and is defined by what I call: “The Art of the Unmatched.” We’re excited to celebrate our long-practiced creative process this season, and hope our new collection inspires you to live life in color!

Viva Consuela!

Blue Jag Sling

While leopard print is a firm staple for many style mavens, I’m thrilled it’s a hot trend for fall! In true Consuela style, we’ve added curious pops of blue for a fab take on this iconic print, and lovingly applied it to our Sling, a new silhouette that’s as chic as it is functional.

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Blue Jag Sling Image

Silverlake Pouch

I love this bag for all its unique intricacies. The detailed embroidery and quilted fabric make it as eye catching as it is wearable!

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Silverlake Pouch Image

We’ve updated our original Rosie print with richer, slightly darker colors to reflect the moods of cooler temperatures. The result has earned the Katie Classic Tote the title of “The Darling of the Season” among all of us at Consuela!

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Evie Wedge

The Evie Wedge from our Frida Collection has become my go-to when I want to wear a simple yet versatile leather bag. The bold-colored cloth strap is an awesome contrast to the soft black hue that makes our Evie leather so unique. The more I wear this bag, the more I love it!

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Evie Wedge Image